Health tips

The organic pharmacy

In her introduction author Margo Marrone, a qualified pharmacist, herbalist and homeopath, illustrates the fact that all aspects of our lives are connected to each other. When she was pregnant with her first child she took a closer look at her lifestyle and realised that what she had regarded as her perfectly healthy diet so far wasn’t so healthy after all.

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Guide to the basic principles of exercise

To understand why we should exercise, it’s essential to first explain the basics of a highly complex piece of machinery, better known as your body.

All animals, including us humans, are provided with survival tools. Many of these tools occur naturally in the body without conscious thought, as a means of responding to changes in our environment. For example, dogs and cats shed or grow hair in response to a change in the climate of their chosen habitat.

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How to be a vegan

If you don’t want animals to play any role at all in your diet, here’s how to go vegan.

You will need:

  • willpower
  • vegan equivalents to meat and some dairy products
  • a variety of dietary supplements
  • and understanding of an animal-free diet.

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Meat protein vs plant protein

There has always been the staunch advocates and critics arguing which protein source is the best for athletes, (or anyone for that matter) wishing to increase their lean tissue.

Evidence from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition may shed some light on this ongoing debate.

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