How to be a vegan

If you don’t want animals to play any role at all in your diet, here’s how to go vegan.

You will need:

  • willpower
  • vegan equivalents to meat and some dairy products
  • a variety of dietary supplements
  • and understanding of an animal-free diet.

Step one: Cut meats, poultry and seafood out of your diet entirely.

Step two: Find vegan equivalents to these meats like a soy-based hotdog substitute.

Step three: Eliminate all dairy products and animal by-products like cheese, eggs and chicken broth.

Step four: Get equivalents to these products by focusing on soy and tofu as substitutions.

Step five: Check the labels of everything you eat to check for vegan-friendliness. Many foods you might not associate with meat, like gelatin snacks, contain animal matter.

Step six: Be careful when ordering in restaurants. Even dishes that are meatless can include sauces, reductions, glazes or stocks that are prepared with animal by-products like margarine which contains whey.

Step seven: Take a dietary supplement like a multivitamin to make sure you’re getting sufficient calcium and vitamins.

Step eight: Eat plenty of nuts and seeds like walnuts and flax seeds to get omega 3 – an essential fatty acid which you won’t be getting from fish.

Never change your diet without first consulting your physician.