Life skills tips

Dealing with death

Everybody has different ideas on how to cope with grief. As everyone is different, we all grieve differently.

I wanted to share with you my ideas, based on personal experience, on how to cope when someone you love passes away.

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How to make a good first impression

I’m Judy James and I’m a body language expert. I’m going to be showing you how to make a really good first impression.

Always make a great entrance. Take a few moments before you walk into a room to realign your posture.

You’ve got about three seconds to impress people when you first walk in.

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Collins complete writing guide

What a cracker! This fat little paperback has taught me more about good writing than all the How-to-write-good-English guides I’ve read put together. It’s not a new book, just a revised and updated edition of what was first The Times Writer’s Guide and then The Collins Good Writing Guide. It was good the first two rounds, and it’s even better now because it includes access to online and mobile functions.

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Body language: How can I look more approachable?

When we use body barriers, we signal to other people to leave us alone.

They make you look extremely unapproachable. For that reason, avoid things like folded arms. You might find that you’re clutching a handbag too tightly. If you have a drink, instead of holding it at a relaxed waist level you start to bring it up to your chin. Again, that creates a very strong barrier that implies to the other person that you would rather be left alone.

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