Food tips

The organic pharmacy

In her introduction author Margo Marrone, a qualified pharmacist, herbalist and homeopath, illustrates the fact that all aspects of our lives are connected to each other. When she was pregnant with her first child she took a closer look at her lifestyle and realised that what she had regarded as her perfectly healthy diet so far wasn’t so healthy after all.

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Feast: Food that celebrates life

Food and eating are not just about keeping us alive – a fact nobody can explain better than Nigella Lawson.

Jamie Oliver is passionate about best ingredients, Gordon Ramsay goes nuts if food is not cooked and presented to perfection – Lawson is all about the people who eat.

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My year of meats

Jane Takagi-Little is a young American/Japanese documentary film maker living in New York. She is broke and looking for a job when she gets a call from her former boss in Japan.

He offers her the job of making a series of documentaries about meat. The series is sponsored by the American meat export industry and is supposed to promote the wholesomeness of beef among Japanese housewives.

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Nigella Christmas

If there is one celebrity chef that can smile sweetly and show cleavage for a Christmas cookbook cover, it’s Nigella Lawson. No one else would be able to pull off that sexy-glutton look while lying on a couch wearing plush reindeer antlers.

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