Author: Somer Gregson

How to make a good first impression

I’m Judy James and I’m a body language expert. I’m going to be showing you how to make a really good first impression.

Always make a great entrance. Take a few moments before you walk into a room to realign your posture.

You’ve got about three seconds to impress people when you first walk in.

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Body language: How can I look more approachable?

When we use body barriers, we signal to other people to leave us alone.

They make you look extremely unapproachable. For that reason, avoid things like folded arms. You might find that you’re clutching a handbag too tightly. If you have a drink, instead of holding it at a relaxed waist level you start to bring it up to your chin. Again, that creates a very strong barrier that implies to the other person that you would rather be left alone.

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How to be a vegan

If you don’t want animals to play any role at all in your diet, here’s how to go vegan.

You will need:

  • willpower
  • vegan equivalents to meat and some dairy products
  • a variety of dietary supplements
  • and understanding of an animal-free diet.

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