7 reasons to reduce your sugar intake

Did you know your body can turn excess sugars into fat, but it cannot turn fat back into useable sugar?

Sugar is a carbohydrate, our brain uses carbohydrate but it cannot use fat.

Eating or drinking more sugar or refined carbohydrates than the body requires can result in the following scenarios.

  1. Excess sugar puts your pancreas and adrenal glands on a fighting seesaw – which increases your body’s production of adrenaline (stress hormone)
  2. Excess sugar inhibits the immune system, increasing flu, colds and infections
  3. Excess sugar supports the development of food allergies, asthma, behavioural disorders, joint pain and deterioration and muscle pain
  4. It can lead to auto-immune diseases which attack and destroy our own tissues
  5. Sugar feeds candida (yeasts)
  6. Interferes with the transport of vitamin C, which affects collagen and elastin-building leading to ageing and wrinkles even in young skin
  7. Sugar or refined carbohydrates lack vitamins and minerals: so uses existing body sources to metabolise (body depletion). If sugar remains in the colon too long, it produces harmful bacteria, causing gas and toxins.