Recommended books

Feast: Food that celebrates life

Food and eating are not just about keeping us alive – a fact nobody can explain better than Nigella Lawson.

Jamie Oliver is passionate about best ingredients, Gordon Ramsay goes nuts if food is not cooked and presented to perfection – Lawson is all about the people who eat.

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Collins complete writing guide

What a cracker! This fat little paperback has taught me more about good writing than all the How-to-write-good-English guides I’ve read put together. It’s not a new book, just a revised and updated edition of what was first The Times Writer’s Guide and then The Collins Good Writing Guide. It was good the first two rounds, and it’s even better now because it includes access to online and mobile functions.

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My year of meats

Jane Takagi-Little is a young American/Japanese documentary film maker living in New York. She is broke and looking for a job when she gets a call from her former boss in Japan.

He offers her the job of making a series of documentaries about meat. The series is sponsored by the American meat export industry and is supposed to promote the wholesomeness of beef among Japanese housewives.

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Five unusual novels for Christmas

You still have a few minutes left to rush to your bookshop and buy a novel for your reading friend or family member.

These novels are remarkable in every respect and deserve a special mention. All of them have what makes an unputdownable book – suspense, drama, love and extraordinary characters.

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Nigella Christmas

If there is one celebrity chef that can smile sweetly and show cleavage for a Christmas cookbook cover, it’s Nigella Lawson. No one else would be able to pull off that sexy-glutton look while lying on a couch wearing plush reindeer antlers.

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Alive: The story of the Andes survivors

Here’s a true life story, written by Piers Paul Read who interviewed the survivors of the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in October of 1972.

As many people know from the film which followed several years later, the Uruguayan Rugby team, their friends and family were involved in an aeroplane crash in the Andes mountains and were stuck in the harsh wilderness for 72 days without food. They resorted to cannibalism in order to survive and eventually scaled the Andes to escape certain death.

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Cold mountain

A seeming nobody professor, Charles Frazier, from North Carolina State University sat down and began writing his first novel in the early 1990’s.

By 1997, he had a major bestseller that would soon become a major motion picture starring Nicole Kidman, Jude Law and Renee Zellwegger.

To make matters even more amazing, this book is ten times what the movie is and the movie is not too shabby itself!

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After the absolute by David Gold

Tired of the “New Age Circus” and want something with some real meat and potatoes truth to it?

Want to read it for free in the next two minutes?

After the Absolute offers this possibility as it describes the fascinating true-life story of an encounter with a backwoods Zen master named Richard Rose.

In addition, the book is absolutely free.

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The bridge across forever

For those of you who enjoyed the best-seller Jonathan Livingston Seagull and have a taste for a real-life love story, here’s another one by the American writer Richard Bach.

Just like his earlier books, ‘The bridge across forever’ also espouses his philosophy that our physical limits are only apparent.

Mortality is an illusion and we must learn to fly above the clouds and the shadows of this world to see the truth shining down upon us.

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