Author: Paul Ambrose

Alive: The story of the Andes survivors

Here’s a true life story, written by Piers Paul Read who interviewed the survivors of the crash of Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 in October of 1972.

As many people know from the film which followed several years later, the Uruguayan Rugby team, their friends and family were involved in an aeroplane crash in the Andes mountains and were stuck in the harsh wilderness for 72 days without food. They resorted to cannibalism in order to survive and eventually scaled the Andes to escape certain death.

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Cold mountain

A seeming nobody professor, Charles Frazier, from North Carolina State University sat down and began writing his first novel in the early 1990’s.

By 1997, he had a major bestseller that would soon become a major motion picture starring Nicole Kidman, Jude Law and Renee Zellwegger.

To make matters even more amazing, this book is ten times what the movie is and the movie is not too shabby itself!

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After the absolute by David Gold

Tired of the “New Age Circus” and want something with some real meat and potatoes truth to it?

Want to read it for free in the next two minutes?

After the Absolute offers this possibility as it describes the fascinating true-life story of an encounter with a backwoods Zen master named Richard Rose.

In addition, the book is absolutely free.

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The bridge across forever

For those of you who enjoyed the best-seller Jonathan Livingston Seagull and have a taste for a real-life love story, here’s another one by the American writer Richard Bach.

Just like his earlier books, ‘The bridge across forever’ also espouses his philosophy that our physical limits are only apparent.

Mortality is an illusion and we must learn to fly above the clouds and the shadows of this world to see the truth shining down upon us.

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Into the wild

Long live Alexander Supertramp!

Here’s a book that may look like a boring mountain hiking tale or a story about “nature” but take a second look.

‘Into the wild’ by Jon Krakauer is a bestselling non-fiction book about the true life adventures of Christopher McCandless who did the unimaginable.

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Midnight express

Here’s a book that doesn’t look like much when you glance at the cover and read the summary. I was lucky enough to have a friend who insisted I read it because, he said, “You are going to feel great about your life when you are done.”

I still didn’t believe him as I started to read but the story slowly pulled me in and when I finally finished it, I realized he was absolutely right. I felt great about my life and I was forever grateful to him for insisting I read this incredible true story.

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Replay is a novel by Ken Grimwood that won the 1988 World Fantasy Award and often gets misjudged by its cover.

The book had an influence on Harold Ramis’ who eventually made the comedy-drama Groundhog Day with Bill Murray and it also won numerous other awards such as being included on The Hundred Best Novels of Modern Fantasy List, the Locus Reader’s Poll as Best Science Fiction Novel and Aurel Guillemette’s The Best in Science Fiction 1993 award.

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The outsiders

The Outsiders, by S. E. Hinton, was first published in 1967 and the author was only 15 when she began writing it. She published at 18 and the rest is history.

Francis Ford Coppola eventually adapted this spectacular novel into a major motion picture and the beauty of the novel is not lost in the screen version.

Readership has only increased over the years as this small book, originally meant for teens, has now gone on to attract millions of adults as a timeless classic.

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Brave new world

Only two decades ago, Huxley’s ‘Brave new world’ was read like a futuristic science fiction novel where mankind would be transformed into a genetically engineered world of automatons.

With the advent of the genome and the mapping of the DNA, this novel is much less a futuristic prophecy and much more a potential reality as we move into the 21st century.

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The fountainhead by Ayn Rand

It all starts with Ayn Rand.” – That is the famous saying about how young, innocent minds, basking in the openness of their future, find themselves tempted into the promise of intellectual thought.

Ayn Rand is commonly said to become their first champion. Not only is this great author the champion of creative and intellectual thought but The Fountainhead is the 1943 novel that is likely to be the best of her works to begin with. Let’s face it, Atlas Shrugged is just too big to swallow when you are starting out in the world of reading and her other books are somewhat strange and less direct to her underlying philosophy known as ‘Objectivism’.

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