Food tips

How to be a vegan

If you don’t want animals to play any role at all in your diet, here’s how to go vegan.

You will need:

  • willpower
  • vegan equivalents to meat and some dairy products
  • a variety of dietary supplements
  • and understanding of an animal-free diet.

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Meat protein vs plant protein

There has always been the staunch advocates and critics arguing which protein source is the best for athletes, (or anyone for that matter) wishing to increase their lean tissue.

Evidence from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition may shed some light on this ongoing debate.

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Understanding your glycemic index

The glycemic index was first developed 25 years ago by a professor of nutrition to help determine which carbohydrate foods were best for people with diabetes.

Carbohydrates are vital in the diet, but the problem with modern carbohydrates is that they can be overly processed and nutrient deficient.

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Foods to boost your immune system

Short of hibernating from May through to October, there is little we can do to avoid the chill of winter.

Winter brings with it many good things; the satisfaction of building a good fire, the excitement of watching a sports game while rugged up against the cold, gumboots and hearty comfort food. But winter can also mean colds, sore throats and the flu.

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Recommended dietary intake of fats

Though fats have a poor reputation, they are in fact a key part of a nutritionally-balanced diet.

Fats allow for the absorption of vitamins, as well as aiding cell growth and healthy organs.

The key is getting a good amount of fat, and getting the right balance of the different types of fats.

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Recommended daily water intake

A sufficient water intake is needed to combat dehydration, which saps energy, causes fatigue and reduces concentration.

The standard ‘eight glasses a day’ of water, which equates to two litres, has been widely reported as the recommended daily intake for water.

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Recommended superfoods

While the blueberries have had more than their fair share of positive press in the field of superfoods, there are countless other foods in your supermarket that are unusually high in antioxidants, vitamins and important minerals.

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