Recommended daily exercise

In an ideal world, we’d all have that extra hour in the day (and the corresponding motivation!) to pound the pavement or hit the gym, to well and truly get our daily hit of exercise. But for most of us, devoting that amount of time is unrealistic, which is why the daily recommendation of just 30 minutes of exercise, is refreshing and encouraging.

The news gets even better — the 30 minutes does not need to be all in one hit. The positive impact on your health by getting a minimum level of exercise can see real and long-lasting benefits.

By incorporating exercise into your daily routine, you will be reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, as well as looking and feeling the better for it.

How to get your daily dose of exercise

Ride the bus some of the way home – Rather than watch pedestrians stride pass you while you’re sitting in a bus stuck in traffic, become one of the pedestrians! By getting off and walking a few stops, you will benefit from a burst of exercise at the end of the day when your energy levels are low.

Take the stairs – If the whole journey is too much, break it down. Take the lift some of the way, and power up the stairs at the finish.

Shop locally – Have a few local shops nearby that you’ve been meaning to support? A new farmer’s market just started up? Not only does walking to the shops count towards your 30 minutes, the weight-bearing exercise of bringing the groceries home will also be beneficial.

Keep a watch of how you’re getting your 30 minutes per day, you might be surprised just how easy it is!