How to select food for your cat

Cats can be pretty finicky eaters but pet parents can be pretty finicky too.

Hi, I’m Doctor Robin and this is Tiger.

Today I’m going to explain the benefits of advanced nutrition food.

Advanced nutrition is a term used to describe specially formulated cat food that’s nutrient-rich and energy dense and distributed primarily through pet speciality stores like PetSmart.

Specially formulated cat food generally contains more high protein ingredients like real fish, chicken and turkey and it often offers a degree of specialisation so that you can ensure it’s well suited to your pet’s life stage, special needs and taste preferences.

In the short term, feeding this food to your cat can result in benefits such as a shinier coat, healthier skin and improved muscle tone. Also, it can mean less litter box cleaning for you. Some formulas can even help reduce hairballs.

In the long term, feeding specially formulated cat foods can help your cat maintain a very healthy immune system. Over time, these foods will also more closely address the life stage needs of your cat.

Generally, foods that are more nutrient-rich and energy dense are preferable. If the food contains a lot of fillers, it may not have the nutritional value you’re looking for.

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